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Friday, June 12, 2009

Well when you put it that way!

So I've been visiting some blogs and I run across Scale Junkie's post about pounds loss about how much weight we've lost since when; our biggest weight, our weight on diet day 1, year 2008 or whichever day you choose. My response was I consider the day of this diet/eating plan day one and I took the weight from that date and that's my starting date yada yada (got that from reading Hanlie's post.) But then I started to think... (uh oh) what weight was I at when I started gaining weight and that magic number was 128 pounds. So that means I gained 171 pounds over 3 years, goodness who does that?! This photo is of me when I weighed 165 and I thought I was fat in October 2005 (I was shallow and insecure what can I say), this is what I want to weigh again, this is what I want to look like again. It's just that it caught me off guard that I gained 171 pounds in 3.5 years, heck if I gained that weight in 5 years it would still be too much. I never put it into perspective that I was killing myself that way, that's alot of weight and I realized I ate those three years like I drank alcohol for 21 years before I got sober. Now if I look at it this way, 56 pounds lost so far (Yay!), my next goal is to lose 44 pounds and from there I'll only have 34 pounds left to lose. Should I choose to look at it as I have to lose 171 pounds I'd run away and probably give up for life. I find setting these small challenges is what's keeping me on this way of eating (what do I call it, a diet, lifestyle, eating plan) and I'm proud of the accomplishments I've had so far but I have to say that number just floored me. It's all good now, I'm over it because of my little goals set. This is the closest I've weighed to 200 in 3.5 years so that means I'm doing well. All's good, phew!

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Hanlie said...

I gained about 100 pounds in one year! So I know what you mean! We can do this... and I don't care how long it takes!

Thanks for the shout out!

Mrs. Sheila said...

You have done amazing! You looked very healthy in that picture, and I am just about 7 pounds under that, and I think I am too heavy still. (Vanity for sure!) Puts things into perspective for me too!

Christine said...

What a cute picture. I too was looking at my low adult weight pictures this week and I thought I was SOOOO big, I had issues, lol. Sure is nice to see things through a new perspective. :D

You're awesome! Thanks for the insightful post.

Lucrecia said...

Thats a great picture! I have to break it into little goals too! My long term number is still so large it could make me cry so I try hard not to even think about it.

laurajane said...

Great picture. I read Scale Junkie's post too and felt the exact same way - the old pounds, new pounds, how exactly do you count it? I know it's bad when someone asks me how much weight I've lost and I feel the need to launch into a 20 minute explanation of my weight history. It is sad to think of how much we have gained - mine would be far over 171 pounds if I counted it.

"This blog is so much more then writing about my weight loss journey it has become an extension in helping me know who I am and who I can be."