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Monday, April 13, 2009

Checking In time!

This is my Sizzling Hot Summer Challenge Update along with a bit about my last 2 weeks or so. My stepdaughter and her children (daughter 6 1/2 and son 1 1/2 yrs old) have been here since last week. Where has the time gone, I have no idea really it seems to have gone fast though there time here is soon approaching the end.

They are either leaving tomorrow or Friday. I will miss them but I won't miss the mess, the walking around egg shells as to not disturb a sleeping baby. I have to be quiet around my own house which is not such a big deal but I would have liked to do stuff like cook, clean, vacuum and live. They have taken over my living room/kitchen area and when a baby sleeps you let the baby sleep along with his mama. I just want my house back. When I look at what's important however it's really not a big deal. Both baby and mommy are asleep so I'm here blogging and chilling. So weird, if I have nothing to do something doesn't feel right. I mean I should clean and cook for tomorrow but that won't happen because they are sleeping, so what does a girl do when a girl doesn't have anything to do? She chills and blogs.

I wanted to make another batch of what I refer to as my Famous Sassle Chili, Hubby asked that I use fresh beans instead of canned (fresh from the bag that is). I've never done that before, he said he didn't want all the sodium that canned goods have. So I bought 3 bags of beans; great northern, red kidney and some other mix. I did the quick soak and had enough beans to feed a family of 16. I had to freeze more then half of it, I did my recipe and it was blah, so I added more spices and slow cooked it some more. At the end of the whole thing it looked like re-fried beans and gave me and mine enough gas to fuel a cruise ship. I was so bloated.

I weighed myself yesterday and saw 264 pounds, I was thrilled, then this morning after a re fried bean/chili day I was up to 265lbs. I know I shouldn't have weighed myself yesterday to begin with but I believe the 1lb is a result of the beans and bloat plus poo poo :o(

A Non Scale Victory, I am now comfortably wearing my size 20 (what is the name for the 3/4 leg pant again?) anyway I'm wearing a size 20 and it's comfy.

I went and bought the canned version of my chili and plan on making it tomorrow so that will be my meal until it's finished, I love love love chili.

I am now a member of Prevention Magazine and I just received the Flat Belly Diet Book which I will read and see where it takes me. I love the South Beach Diet so I'm not sure that change is what I'm looking for but I'm trying to see if I can incorporate the both of them, the goal is to be healthy and lose weight so maybe I can learn a few things. I have 3 weeks before I have to return it, if I chose to return it so we'll see, so far the book looks worth its cost.

Oh I went to Scale Junkie's page yesterday and found a really great link on strength training, albeit it's for more mature adults but I don't care, I like the way they show you how to do the exercises.

I think that's it for now, of course for the last 2 weeks I've wanted to share odds and ends of information with you guys i.e. self discovery, self control, realizations about how I destroy myself with the power of my mind. Oh I went out on Easter Sunday to my husband's sponsor's house and ate reasonably well stuck to the plan and had no dessert so that's another non-scale victory!

Did I mention since I've started the Sizzling Hot Summer Challenge I've lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks, not too bad since I've done nothing to encourage my body other then eat right, no exercise other then everyday living...

Sorry for being all over the place with this post! I've been on Facebook looking for old friends at the same time. :o)

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