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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feeling Good...

I've been reading the SBD book with as much interest as a historical romance novel.  It is very fascinating and what is weird is that I did NOT read it the last time I followed the plan.  What I am enjoying about it this time is that I'm learning how food and the body work together.

I've kept my promise to myself and have yet to weigh myself since day 1 of the plan.  I'm thinking I'll weigh myself either next Tuesday when it makes it a full week or maybe after week 2 is completed.  I just don't want to focus too much on what the scale says.  Yet, I'm hearing a lot of people do better weighing in every day.  I'm really doing this for my mental health.  I beat myself up ALOT and feel that it's in my best interest for the moment.

I've been searching out recipes to make the SBD more tasty and fun.  There are so many great sites out there with some delicious recipes I'm really impressed.  You see that's what makes this fun for me, it's a healthy way of living and tastes good too.

I'm on another deadline so this will be short, I just wanted to keep up with my blogging and let everyone know that day 2 of Phase 1 was wonderful and tasty.  I'm still on track, feeling good and happy to be on this new journey.  It just feels right.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 1 of the South Beach Diet... A Success!

Did I mention yesterday that I loved that we started this new way of living on 1/11/11... First of all the number one (1) has always been my favorite number, it's my numerology number and all those ones resemble very much my sobriety date which is 11/11/99.  Now enough with the nerd talk, let's get down to business...

I was up till 3:30am working on a deadline, so yesterday hubby was in charge of preparing our food.  He's so excited that we are doing this, I swear he must have told me that 5 times yesterday alone.

I didn't keep a journal but I stayed on plan yesterday and I figured since I have a 3 months subscription with WW I will journal my food there.

You know my neighbor just sent me a message thru facebook about wanting to change how she'll pay me some of the money for utilities that she owes us.  She upset me and my first reaction was to get me some food.  I actually felt the need for the food, it was a physical reaction.  I had to remind myself that I am following the SBD and am not to let her or anyone else make me feel bad to the point that I have to eat.  I can't control her but I can control my attitude.

I have an oral fixation, I must throw something in my mouth.  I'm also confrontational which is not one of my most flattering qualities.  I answered her a big fat no and was a bit direct but felt that her sneak attack was just that sneaky... I know I'm getting off topic, but my feelings affect how I eat.  I am an emotional eater and this is the first obstacle I have to face since I started this diet (yesterday).  Gee suddenly I'm a bit scared.

That's it for today...

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

South Beach Diet! Here I come...

A week or so ago I read a comment my cousin Faye left me on one of my posts and it was exactly what I needed to hear.  I know SB works, I know when I follow the program, I lose weight, I feel good and sleep well.  Why do anything else.  Why? Because I like to complicate my life is why, but her comment stuck in my head, sort of like a little voice that I kept hearing:

::YOU KNOW South Beach works, you have the info, do it. It won't cost you anymore than buying your regular groceries, and maybe it will cost you less because you won't be buying processed food.::

Be good to yourself.

Hmm.. wise words... Yet! I still went back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to go the SBD way or the Weight Watchers way... I finally decided to go with SBD because it stops my sugar cravings, brought me to a weight that I was thrilled with, made me feel good and make my body work the way it was supposed to and so much more.

Yesterday hubby & I went and bought our groceries, I joined two online SBD groups and found some great recipes, I got out my trusty SBD book and started reading it from the beginning and so far so good.

Today was rough, I weighed myself and hit an all time high, haven't weighed this much since '07 so needless to say I was not pleased, but I need to move on and not kick myself in the butt over it.

I've been suffering from chest pain for the last 3 days, I really think it has more to do with the fact that I went bowling with family and friends to celebrate hubby's 50th birthday on Saturday than my heart.  I had a good time but lets face it, at my weight it's hard work to have fun, hard on the body that is.  The pain is on the left side but it seems to hurt more during certain moves.  Plus I don't have any of the other heart attack symptoms attributed for women.

Had breakfast way late today, I have a deadline for work and was not able to prepare as I would like to, but that didn't stop me, we had an omelet (hubby is following the program with me) vegetable juice and a bottle of water.  I'm finding all kinds of Phase 1 recipes online so once this work deadline is complete (I already have another one in the works) I will at least get somewhat organized the SBD way.

I'm trying to keep up with the blogging, it's been my salvation in the past when I followed the SBD, reading comments from readers, your support has meant so much to me.

So that's it for now... I'll be back soon, I swear, either later or tomorrow...

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