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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ok sorta back to normal

I got back down to 245 this morning and in spite of myself I was thrilled to be back down even though mentally I was prepared for 248 so it was a nice surprise. What I'm most proud of is the fact that even though I overindulged in cheese, crackers and bologna, I resisted cake and I didn't go on an all out binge. That's something to be proud of and the fact that I'm still on this weight loss journey. I think part of what helped is that I refuse to go backwards on this path, I didn't lose 54 pounds so that I could gain it back, however, I can only live one day at a time so I'll do my best towards myself today.

I just ate some chili, no that's a lie, I ate 2 cups of Hormel chili with beans for a total of 520 calories. Goodness chili is my drug of choice (next to strawberries) I can't just eat a little of the stuff its got to be in big portions. I entered my food for the day including the 2 cups of chili and for dinner I am making a Tyson Slow Cooker Creations Beef Roast with vegetables (can't find a link) which has 200 calories and 7 grams of fat and when all is said and done I will have eaten 1300 calories. That's nothing really so why do I feel guilty, its because I'm full from eating 2 cups of chili is why. Now before I continue on the guilt path I have something more important to mention; the sodium in this chili is sky high so I have to finish my pop and drink at least 4 bottles of water today to get rid of the salt in my system (bad Sassle). I can't help it, really I can't LOL. I must not allow chili in this house but then again perhaps having 2 cups was much but I'm still staying in my allotted calories for the day and that's including the pudding/whip cream and strawberries I'll have for dessert. When all is said and done I'm doing OK so no punishment for Sassle today.

That's all for now and thanks for your comments and your visits, you make each day all the more special for me.



jh said...

I feel you, but how about making chili from scratch with tons of good stuff--like white meat chicken or buffalo and then freezing it. You get to control the salt that way as well as the fat and make it work for you!

Boda Weight Loss Blog

My 3 Month Challenge said...

I have been bad all weekend too, although I'm trying to get back on my feet and get back ON track :>

I think our honesty is great though!! It's the first step to regaining our self-control hehe!

Hanlie said...

Yay for getting back to normal!

Rhonda said...

I love when the scale shows a nice surprise!!

I'm so with you on strawberries! They are my favorite food!!! Love them! Although 50 of them would make my stomach HURT!

Keep it up! Good luck with the challenge!

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