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Monday, August 22, 2011

South Beach Lifestyle still going strong

I spent all day Saturday and Sunday sending about 30 plus resumes to potential employers.  On Sunday I received an email asking for an interview, I went today, it went very well, I think I have the job, keep your fingers and toes crossed.

In the meantime, I'm still on plan, I've down 12 pounds since August 10 (wow times flies) which is pretty darn good, I guess I'll never lose the 20 I envisioned for myself in the first two weeks but I'll let these 12 go, plus Wednesday is the 2 week deadline.  Today we had a busy day, hubby & I both had appointments and had to grab a bite in between, he had the fettuccine alfredo, chocolate cake, white bread and my cheat was a Cesar salad with croutons.  So I feel as though I haven't done nearly as bad as he and have stayed more on plan than he, not that it matters, it's my body I'm trying to heal.

I had gone to the Doctors this a.m. as well, found out I had high blood pressure, next week they'll put me on some MAP thing for 24 hours to see how it does in order to decide if I need meds or not.

Overall I'm in a good place, when I put on my clothes for the interview, I felt good, I still wore my Kymora Body Shaper and my stomach did look flatter (not flat, but flatter) maybe it's the 12 pounds, I have definitely debloated.  Weird how one can feel sexy at my weight, but that's how I felt today pretty darn sexy, though it was a bit awkward when the Doctor was checking my breathing with his stethoscope and he had to push my Kymora.  Though he was gentleman enough not to say anything about it.

The mentioning of the Kymora reminds me that I have yet to wear my Body Wrap from Shapewear I might try it on this week for my next interview, I think it might feel more comfortable than the day I bought it, where it was over 100F outside, I was 12 pounds heavier and had just ate lunch.

Well that's it for today, wish me luck that one of those jobs come thru, I have agencies that have called, I have another interview, who knows I might actually get hired for a regular 9 to 5 job.

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