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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10% Loss Plus Learning How to Cheat

Weird title but it's true, there have been days on the South Beach Diet where I was hungrier than usual and instead of going all ape sh!t over cake, cookies and chocolate, I'd eat an extra portion of nuts or string cheese.  I'd eat 2 oranges instead of one or maybe a bigger plate of pasta than usual.  This is good, because even though I did not follow the instructions to the tee I am not going crazy.

I've been weighing in every day for the last 2 weeks, I seemed to maintain a 26 pound loss which is good but today I got on the scale and have officially lost 30 pounds.  I weighed myself 3 times before I believed it.  That's a 30 lb loss, that is so amazing and what is even better than it being a 30 lb loss is I've officially lost 10% of my weight!!  So I'm sure that's made the world of difference on my blood pressure, heart, blood sugar etc.  Though I don't officially know this since I can't afford to see a doctor.  But I have faith.

I started fitting in some of my old jeans and this time I'm throwing out my fatty clothes, I think as long as I held on to my size 26 pants, I was reserving the right to get fat again.  This time they are going in the garbage.  I am not reserving the right to get fat again, I am reserving the right to get healthy again at a healthy weight.

Today I plan on tackling my closet, hubby & I are moving next month, we are putting our Ebay store on hold and are decluttering our lives.  Anything that is too big or too ratty looking goes in our dumpster.  I'm hoping by the time we leave next month that the size 20 jeans I have will fit nice and I can get rid of my 22's.  Yes I'm wearing 22's.  I can't wait to be a proper size 10-12 but I'll have to, one day at a time as we say in AA.

So I'll be getting together with my family next month, I'd like to lose at least 10 more pounds by then but ideally 20 pounds.  Is it doable 20 pounds in 38 days? Probably if I go back to Phase 1 which I'm considering, but we'll see...

That's it for now, I have 2 topics I'll be writing on later today, one on exercise and the other on bread.

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