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Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Weigh-In (Official) and Random Thoughts and Feelings


Ok so I'm weighing in for the 2 challenges I belong to, once is Fabulous N Fit By Fall and the other is Get Fit AFTER 40. I am pleased with my results today I had hit 241 pounds on Saturday, I was surprised because I feared I would be stuck at 244 but once I started eating more I started to lose weight. I'm shocked and the logic behind it so escapes me to some degree that I even tell myself, now imagine if I ate less I'd have lost more weight.

Now, this is something that has been bothering me for a bit...

Two or so weeks ago I was eating under 1200 calories a day and working out and I was on a plateau. I have decided that losing 2 lbs a week is a good and fair amount and kind to my body, so I decided that I really wanted to know how much I should eat in order to obtain that goal. The website where I log in my food for the day is MyFitnessPal and they recommend I eat 1200 calories a day to lose 2 lbs a week. I did that and it didn't work. I then went to SparkPeople (I know I'm repeating myself here) and they recommended eating between 1200 to 1500 (sounds more logical) and then I went to the The Daily Plate who recommends 1709 calories a day. I also asked The Daily Plate how many calories should I eat to lose 2.5 pounds per week and that recommendation was 1459 calories.

This is all confusing to me. Now to make matters worse I looked up my BMR (which I have no idea how BMR works) it varies depending on the site from 1802.05 to 2227 now the whole BMR and calories to lose weight connection escapes me, I need it explained to me in laymen turns real slow please.

Now if I go by my own logic (uh oh) I've been eating between 1200 and 1600 calories a day and I'm losing weight so if it ain't broke don't fix it. Why is there too much information on this. Oh because it's the Internet right?

I think I'm so obsessed about counting the right amount of calories that I'm forgetting that whatever it is that I'm doing is working.

I finally bought myself a real tape measure and I have to say the amounts I originally took were just not accurate enough. I used hubby's work tape measure, you know the stiff ones and I see the difference now that I have a real one. Plus I don't hold in my gut when I measure (I think I used to instinctively) so the numbers are quite shocking.


Hubby says I'm my own worse enemy, he says I must suffer emotionally a lot because of that inner voice inside me (the ego) that puts me down, i.e. I don't like my teeth, I have dark circles under my eyes, my pores are huge, bad hair day, I'm fat, I have a double chin, I'm this and I'm that. He says to stop it, he won't allow me to put down his wife in front of him anymore.

You know what it is? I think my faults are soooo obvious that if I mention them first nobody else can call me on it. Nobody else can dare tell me how ugly my teeth are or why do I look so darn tired. I've beat them to the punch.

I think in my defense I haven't been taking my PMS vitamins which always help, I hate pills so I stopped taking them (bad Sassle) and I'm reaping the rewards (there I just took them). Yuk!

This is still no excuse to be so hard on myself, I must remember, God does not make junk. I am beautiful, smart, creative and I've lost 58 pounds for Pete's sake!!


To exercise at least 4 times this week in the form of cardio
To do strength training at least 3 times this week
To be kind, loving and gentle with myself
To take my PMS vitamins
To eat between 1200 and 1600 calories a day (or until someone tells me the right amount)
To spend more loving time with my hubby
To have a clean home
To be up to date in my work
To spend more quality time with puppy girl
To spend more quality time with kitty cats
To pray and meditate daily

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Christine said...

My diet soda ban is killing me! (well you asked, lol!) I have been missing it. But I will prevail. My weight started going down again (finally) and even if it's just a coincidence that is motivation enough for now. <3

I have a method with my calories that works for me. Its really complicated tho.

I have tried all the different calculation formulas for BMR. The most basic way is to figure it out yourself. (If you have a head for math.) You need your weight in kg. (Weight in lbs divided by 2.2) and then get your RMR: 795 + (7.18 x weight in kg) then account for your daily activity (multiply by 1.5 for a rest day, 1.7 for an active day). This resulting number is your BMI and don't go lower than 1000 under it (2 lbs a week). 500 calories under BMI should work for healthy loss of about 1 lb a week.

I like a more basic approach that was recommended by a friends personal trainer. You start with base calories depending on your weight. Then you earn the rest of your day's calories through burning them. That's been working for me since it is what got me started working out daily. For women: 150-200 lbs start at 1200 calories, 200-250 lbs start at 1300 calories. So basically if you don't do any exercise that day you get 1300. But If you do low impact aerobics for 30 min and burn approx 200 calories you get to eat 1500.

I know this is a long comment and I hope that wasn't too confusing.

I just bought a cloth tape measure too, that makes me laugh that I wasn't the only one measuring with hubby's.

I love reading your thoughts about the emotions and self issues that accompany the weight loss.

Good goals! Have a great week. :D

Mama Bear June said...

I think all of the numbers can get kind of ridiculous. I do believe that 1200 calories is way too LITTLE for you to be eating. If you don't eat enough, your metabolism slows way down because your body wants to protect itself from starvation. So it does the opposite of what you are hoping it will do. I started the Flat Belly Diet on Feb 9th at 201lbs. I lost four pounds in the first 4 days with the anti-bloat jumpstart (mainly water weight) and then 2 pounds a week after that eating 1600 calories a day. I did a combination of cardio (low-impact) and weight lifting (3 times a week.)

It does sound like you are way too hard on yourself. Listen to your hubby. :-)
Path to Health

Lucrecia said...

I think its so easy to get caught up in all the different numbers and eating plans and such. I truly believe that if we limit our calories for too long our body starts to think we are starving and does the opposite of what we are aming for. Upping the calories then lowering them again on a cycle (not even by a lot, a couple hundred will do) has always had the best effect for getting me off a platu. Hang in there, you are doing so well!

Hanlie said...

Well done on the loss! You are obviously doing well... No need to doubt yourself. Have a great week!

Sharon said...

Great post, Sassle! I especially like the last part. :)

Jenn said...

I am as confused as you about the whole calorie thing. Right now I'm eating around 1400 to 1600 calories a day. I try to eat on the high end on workout days, the low end on non-workout days. I also have 1 splurge meal a week, which usually puts that day's calories over the highest end.
You seem to be doing great, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

shefit said...

Oh, I hate all those different calculators that tell you different answers! I think you are doing just fine by eating between 1200-1600 calories. In fact, I have head that eating differently each day keeps your body from plateauing. Anything under 1200 is bad. Love your goals list. I need to do that!

Melisa said...

Great post. I hate my teeth too, and my thighs and I make no qualms about letting people know.

Yes, it can be very confusing. The only thing that truly matters is finding what works for us as individuals and sticking to it.

Not surprising, I agree with Lucrecia in that your body will become accustom to whatever it is we give it if it is too consistant and so "shaking it up a bit" once a week or so helps to keep us going in the right direction.

You've done GREAT so far. Keep it up!

"This blog is so much more then writing about my weight loss journey it has become an extension in helping me know who I am and who I can be."