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Friday, October 10, 2008


Yeah good ole Pig Latin. I've got a question to ask all big girls and former big girls, it's about sex. Now I'm keeping in mind that this question is private in nature so I will post poll where you can answer anonymously (or you can be anonymous within the comments section).

What position do you and your spouse use for sexual relations? I ask because I'm a large girl and find that the missionary position is too difficult for me, I'm not in shape nor as bendy as I would like to be, my left inner thigh hurts so you get the point it's hard and embarrassing.

I understand that this is a private question but I don't think these things are discussed much, not for large or morbidly large women that is. Do you enjoy it like you used to when you were smaller, is your size holding you back? Are you taking initiative or is your better half? Are you even having sexual relations anymore?

I ask all these questions because it's important for me to know that I Sassle am not alone in my sexual insecurities.

Now if nobody answers these questions that's ok, I totally understand.

Thanks for dropping by!

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