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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HYC Check In and a Milestone!

Woohoo as of this morning I have lost 50 pounds. That my dears is a milestone!! 50 pounds, I am so proud of myself! *doing happy dance*

As a special gift to myself, I have decided I am hiring someone to design my blog, I visited LadyJava Creations site and wow I love her work so on payday I will be hiring the lovely Lady Java to design my blog for me.

Blog Makeover by LadyJava Creations

She is not expensive and I appreciate the quality of her work. I already have an idea of what I'm looking for but I still have some details to figure out but I'm way excited. Another gift I want to give myself is getting my nose pierced, I think it would look cute on me since I have a tiny little nose (it's my best feature ha ha) and have wanted to do this as well for a very long time. I originally planed on getting it done by this weekend but I've changed my mind due to my budget and time constraints. Once I get it done I'll be posting a few pic of my face with stud in place (hey that rhymes).

The next set of gifts I'd like to purchase for myself are bras, panties, mani/pedi and a few new clothes, however I don't want to invest too much into clothing since I plan on shrinking some more.

I just wanted to share my good news with you all...

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 18, 2009

WATP for abs One Mile - Mission accomplished

Yes I finally worked out today other then the glider or playing with the dog or going up and down my stairs. I did my favorite Leslie Sansone DVD Series the WATP for abs. It was the 3 Mile DVD that I used to do daily, obsessively, so obsessive that if I didn't want to work out I would any way at even 8:30pm as long as I did it. I can't wait to be obsessive about it again. Today I did the One Mile and I found it went quickly i.e. when we hit the half mile mark I was sure we hadn't even done 1/4 mile yet. I'm happy, I love this workout, it was my fave for years so why change it. Who knows maybe I'll get into those size 3 once again :).

Thanks for stopping by, now it's time to bring the puppy girl in.


Monday weigh-in (unofficial)

I weighed myself this morning, I am pleased, I'm 250 lbs. I am finally the weight I claimed to be for the last 3 years (that's funny). So that's a 49 pound loss since February 17 so in 3 months I've lost 49 pounds. Yay me!

The weird part is that I know I could do better, I'm not knocking myself, I just know I have more potential then a 49 pound loss but alas I am where I'm supposed to be and it's not a bad place to be.

Last week sometime around Wednesday or Thursday I ran out of whole wheat bread, that might have something to do with the fact that I ate way too much w/w bread with my meals, so all I had was white bread and I couldn't go shopping because hubby had the car to go to work and I live in the country so the closest store is quite a few miles away. I felt that I was overeating all last week but I wasn't. What I was doing was eating stuff that I don't normally, i.e. white bread and 3 times last week I ate 2 cheeseburgers (homemade) on white buns, however I didn't go nuts, I ate the burgers and walked away. I'm proud of myself because a few times the "Binge Monster" wanted to rear it's ugly head and have me eat everything non-stop, but I said no, I haven't come this far to go nuts.

I'll be honest, I'm afraid to binge, just as I'm afraid to drink alcohol again, just as I'm afraid to eat sugar again. I went to a Zag Bag Show on Saturday, I was starving and figured I'd be able to nibble on a snack or two once I got there. The hostess has lost quite a bit of weight following Weight Watchers so I figured there was going to be some point friendly snacks. I was wrong, she had my sugar drug; Macadamia nut cookies, size=giant in a row of 8, plus other giant sized cookies. I panicked you see I know I can't have cookies, I will eat every one of them if I taste one and then she had some scoops with a homemade bean dip. I thought mmm scoops & bean dip, but reasoning prevailed and I took a small bowl and put a small portion of bean dip in it and proceeded to eat it. I wanted the cookies but I don't dare. My mouth is watering at the thought of it.

I bought some turkey sausage and had two with one slice of whole wheat bread, not too bad it totals 420 calories 21.5 gr of fat and 4 gr of fiber for dinner, I tried to just have one but sausage is another weakness (I have so many) and one just didn't cut it, I would still be hungry so I ate two. I'm not fond of the fat content but it could have been worse, it was 10grams each (that's less then those burgers I had repeatedly last week) but hey I've done worse plus I got to eat something I really enjoy. I only made three; 2 for me and one for hubby when he comes home from work, if he eats it that is, I sort of "over cooked" them LOL.

I'm feeling good today and will finish with that. Now I'm off to play with the dog.

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