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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weighed in this morning with t-shirt and panties on and I lost what appears to be 4 more pounds for a total of 16lbs since 1/11/11.  Not bad for 11 days on Phase 1 of the SBD.  You'd think I'd be more excited but maybe I'm just tired, though I think it's because I don't "feel" 16lbs less.   I think there lies a huge problem with my whole being, I need to change that thinking, "feeling" is very important when one wants to succeed in anything in life.  I won't be too hard on myself though, I think I'll listen to my Abraham Hicks mediation CD Physical Well Being Mediation.  I'll be back...


I'm finding it too hard to concentrate, so maybe meditation isn't the solution right now, I have the tools though so I'll get back to it later today.  I also think it's time to incorporate exercise into my life, more than walking the dogs around a path my hubby built us with the snow blower.  It's a good size path, I walk it up to 10 times a day on most days unless it gets cold like it has been lately -24F yesterday.

I need to tone my arms and legs and squish my gut and butt.  I also need to bring my cardio levels up, this whole thing is about my poor heart.  The older men in my family have all had heart disease and I know nothing about my fathers side of the family so I need to take care of myself because heart disease is the number one killer amongst women.  So I have lots going against me, my weight, the diet I ate, the fact that I can't afford medical care so no doctor visits etc...  So I must take care of myself and make it a priority.  I guess I'm doing that while following the SBD and I have to say, I love it.  Yes it takes planning and work i.e. having to make salads etc. but I'm ok with that.  I am not craving anything, habits are just that, yes at midnight I'd love to munch on some chips but that's not a craving that's just a habit that I am learning to change.

I just thought of something, maybe I'm not "feeling" 16 lbs lighter because I know in the past I lost more weight and I'm measuring my success with that.  I should stop that right now, appreciate how well I'm doing on this and move forward.

Are there any strength training exercises for the morbidly obese?  It's time for a Google search, I figure if I incorporate some strength training and Lesley Sansone plus walking with my dogs I should feel real good when I head to Canada this May.  Yes I'm moving back to Canada (that's a whole other blog post) and I already have a nice home waiting for me and my family to move into (thank you God).

Well I've been all over the place with this post so I'll say goodbye for now and update my stats.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

South Beach! I knew you would NOT let me down...

Let's see where to start...


Yesterday hubby and I went to buy more food since we were running out of our staple South Beach foods and I wanted to try some new things too.  I bought some turkey burger, turkey sausages, chicken breasts and natural peanut butter and more...

We had breakfast and a snack but had yet to eat lunch, so we went grocery shopping on an empty stomach, but since I'm determined to lose weight, eat healthy and follow the South Beach Diet Plan I was not too worried, I knew I wouldn't cheat (sometimes you just know).  By the time we got home we were famished, I had laundry to finish, work to do and cooking, for some reason I did not ask hubby to make dinner even though I was over extending myself.  I'm sure had I asked he would have but I had clear ideas as to what I wanted to eat for dinner.

I made all 5 turkey sausages figuring that we'd each have 2 and one would be enough to break off tomorrow in our omelets for breaky.  I made a cauliflower/mashed potatoes dish but I added some low fat cheese to flavor it up even more (it was delicious).  So I sat down with 2 sausages and lots of cauliflower/mashed potatoes.  I couldn't eat the second sausage, I was full.  I had to stop and listen to my body and thought yes I could eat this but I won't.  For a split second the food hoarder in me panicked, it was like I had to eat it, this was my last chance.  But I tossed that voice aside and went about my business of feeling proud of myself for recognizing that I feel full.

Weight Loss Victory

I decided the other day to weigh myself (yeah I know) but I did so with all my clothes, socks and shoes on and the scale showed a loss of 5 pounds.  I was happy with that, I knew I was losing some weight.  Then today I went back on the scale, I've been following the program since last Tuesday, this is technically 7 days on plan so I went about weighing myself again fully clothed.  It showed 5 pounds loss.  I thought well that's ok I guess, then I figured screw it, I undressed myself down to my skivies and weighed in at an 11lb loss.

So yay for me...

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