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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Walking, Burpees, Tabata... Have I found my dream exercise?

I love the internet!  Yesterday while searching for other SBD blogs, I came upon this Log My Loss which is an inspiring blog.  I was reading about his program and saw that he did this form of exercise called Tabata so being the curious girl that I am I had to research it and that brought me to burpees.

I think burpees are the exercise I've been waiting for my whole life.  For beginners like myself there are different ways of starting out, I did a search on youtube and the one that impressed me most, or made it seem doable for a woman my size was this one.

After watching it I felt as though I can at least do what she's doing and then when you see how far she's come in three weeks well heck that just encouraged me more.  Burpees work the whole body, you need no equipment, just enough space to do them and they burn a ton of calories.  I'm starting the burpees today, the beginner ones, I'm still looking in on if I should do them 2x or 3x or more a week and for how long, but my goal is to do them tabata style (that's a whole other post) where I would do 20 secs of burpees, 10 sec rest, 20 sec burpees you repeat this up to 8 times which totals about 4 mins of exercise and apparently is the longest 4 minutes of your life.  I am still studying as much as I can on the topic and will share as I learn.

Now if you want to know more about Tabata or Burpees, you can click on the links.  I think they'll explain it way better than I can.

Now before I go, I'd like to add that hubby, myself and our mini doxie went for an 8 block walk, I found a site called Gmap Pedometer that helped me figure out based on the route hubby and I took the almost exact amount of distance we walked and calories spent.  So according to Gmap I walked 0.87 miles that's 1.4 km in Canadian :) and I burned 180 calories (based on today's weight).

Also since starting on Wednesday I have dropped 7 lbs and I believe it was all water because I've had to pee endlessly since I started this lifestyle.  I don't remember peeing like this the two other times I followed this plan (February 2009, January 2011), but I'm not complaining.  Though it's a pain in the butt to wake up every hour to pee, but in time It'll stop and normalize itself.

On Aug 22 I have an appointment with my family doctor, I've had him since 1990 and well I haven't been to a doctor in over 4 years so I will request some blood work etc since I have no idea if I'm diabetic or not or how my heart is doing or anything.  Keep your fingers crossed please, I think I'm doing ok, I believe I'm blessed but I guess I won't know till he tests me.

Well I guess that's it for now... I'm still on plan, still going strong, still feeling good and still reaching out...

Have a blessed day everyone!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sassle in Canada!

There's something about coming back to Sassle that always make me feel at home.  Speaking of home, the reason I've been off the blogsphere world is that hubby & I packed our things and moved to Canada.  It's been a wild, crazy and fun journey.  I got to meet my nephew, see most of my family and the odd friend.  We  are renting a nice home and trying to acclimate to our new lives.  We live in the province of Quebec which means it's French which poses no problems for me whatsoever, my husband on the other hand does not speak the language.  Since we got here, he has learned polite phrases, we have found an AA home group and I started a new job and quit it within the month (long story) oh and I gained 5 pounds.

So all in all since I first started this journey with you in January I believe my 30 to 35 lb loss is now a 15 lb loss (insert sad face).

But yesterday I went to the store and stocked up on my South Beach Diet foods and today is day 1.  I'd write how much I way but hubby is beside me and well that's the kind of information one keeps from one's hubby, at least till I've down 50 more pounds lol.

The latest 5lb gain I believe stems from my old new job, I worked 12 to 13 hour days without a break so what I did was eat at my desk and they had a wonderful vending machine with cookies, pop and chocolate bars.  So I ate my emotions and found the weight fast.

When we first moved here in April I have gained 15 pounds (Oh my God) and my stomach is bloated and huge.  It's hard, I have a headache right now as I type this but I want to lose weight.  I keep telling hubby at least we're trying and only quitters don't try.  I always want to go back to the Weight Watchers route, you know where I can eat what I want while counting my points, that worked for me in the past, yet for some reason South Beach is what motivates me.  Why fight it, the eating plan is delicious, I always lose weight so I might as well just accept it and go with the flow.

Now what am I going to do different this time?  Not much, it works if you work it, though I am going to incorporate walks in my day and maybe throw in Lesley Sansone's Walk away the pounds and Strength Training for Dummies.  I need a schedule or else I get overwhelmed.

Thanks for stopping by!

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