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Friday, May 4, 2012

Blog Name Change... I've gone Paleo!

I changed the blog title.  You see I went and gone paleo/primal on myself.  I love it, day 5 of my paleo journey and I've already lost weight, 13 pounds to be exact, though I'm thinking the first 10 are water based because I did a heck of a binge the weekend before I started.  Cake and chips with anything my heart desired.

I have no idea how this came about, I don't know how I ended up at Elana's Pantry blog and thru there I heard  the term paleo and remembered I had a Facebook friend who told me she ate primal/paleo.  And things just sort of took off from there.

You see I believe eating the South Beach way prepared me for this, it showed me which way I liked eating the best, I just can't do weightwatchers, I tried.  I tried so many different plans that worked but temporarily and still made me feel hungry, confused and worried that I would crave sugar for the rest of my life.  

At Overeaters Anonymous they suggest we cut out sugar and flour.  I've cut out sugar, flour and wheat.  I feel great and most of the time I'm not even hungry.  I won't get into details just yet what the diet consists of but I'm satisfied and this is on Day 5.  This is the only eating plan where I don't feel like I am cheating.  This is the only eating plan that makes sense to my body.  I can't wait to see the continuous results on the scale, in my clothes and how I'm feeling.  I want to tell the whole world about this, but for now I'll just share it with you.

You can get a ton of great information from Marks Daily Apple on the topic, oh and check out the success stories on Marks blog, the one that really interested me was this one.

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