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Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's a Bread Day!

I'm eating a lot of bread today, 2 slices with breaky, 2 slices with lunch, I'm guessing I should find an alternative for dinner but I'm craving a tomato sandwich. I can make the tomato sandwich South Beach friendly but before I do that let me count how many calories I've had so far today.

2 toast (200 calories, 3 gr fat, 6 gr fiber)
1 apple sauce (50 calories, 0 gr fat, 2 gr fiber)
1.5 tbsp of Fleischmann's Margarine (made With Olive Oil)(90 calories, 10.5 gr fat, 0 gr fiber )

Total breakfast
340 calories
13.5 gr fat
8 gr fiber

2 toast (200 calories, 3 gr fat, 6 gr fiber)
3 eggs (240 calories, 15 gr fat, 0 gr fiber)
1 sl cheese (60 calories, 4.5 gr fat, 0 gr fiber)

Total Lunch
500 calories
23.5 gr fat
6 gr fiber

So far the total for today is:
calories are: 840 calories
fat: 37 grams
fiber: 14 grams

Good God those numbers are horrible, not in the calorie sense but in the fat grams sense. Why am I eating this way today, because I have no veggies, no groceries and no car to get them, I"ll be shopping tomorrow night for food so I'm ad libbing so to speak. That's too much bread for the South Beach Diet, way too much so I'll look for an alternative for dinner tonight. I might make myself a turkey burger without the bread and perhaps eat a tomato salad without the lettuce, I must check to see if I have any frozen veggies left.

I find writing things down like this gives me a better understanding of what it is that I'm eating, on the SBD I don't really have to count calories but let's face it when you eat 4 slices of bread in one day you're not really following the plan to a tee so I should be aware of what it is that I'm putting in my mouth.

I'm going to go online and see what menu I can prepare for myself for the next week so that I can follow the plan the way its designed and I betcha I lose more weight, not that I'm complaining a 3.5 pound loss is a good loss.

Oh, I just got back from walking the dog, we actually went for a 20 minute walk, I think she's tired, I'm so so, the problem with her is that she's a wild little puppy of 52 pounds who has never been leash walked, we live on a farm so she gets to roam around (under supervision of course) so I'm trying to teach her to walk and it's not obvious but hey we'll get there I'm sure.

That's it for today, I've got stuff to do like work, clean up a bit, since I finally managed to clean my home completely now all I'm doing is maintaining things which is nice.

Thanks for stopping by!


Looking Ahead

I borrowed this from Mama Bear June who borrowed it from Ms. Sheila

May 2009

What are your goals for the month of May?
I definitely want to lose at least 10 more pounds. If I can lose more which I'm sure I could if I would just incorporate exercise in my life, I would finally reach the goal of 230 something.

How do you plan to accomplish these goals?

Planning my meals ahead of time, journal what I'm eating, being more active, taking my puppy for walks other then around the house.

If you had problems in April, what will you do differently this month to ensure that nothing gets in your way and that your goals are met?
The only problem that comes to mind at this point is my lack of motivation to exercise. All I can do is start moving and actually exercise. Get it done early in the day, I have the equipment, I have the DVD's, I live on a farm so I can walk for 30 minutes every day with my puppy, I have no excuses so its time to stop inventing them.

What did you learn about yourself in April that will help you reach your goals this month?
I learned that I can go to events and still stick to plan, I learned a lot about my emotional well being towards my eating habits so I feel as though I have better control over cravings. I learned that I can be my worse enemy if I let my thinking get the better of me, I learned to be kind to myself. I'm trying to learn to only weigh myself once a week for my emotional well being because the scale still plays head games with me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SHSC Week 5 Update!

My original Starting Weight: 299

SHSC Starting weight: 268
Last week: 258
Current: 254.5
Loss this week: 3.5 lb
total loss: 13.5 lb

It's been a great week, a loss of 3.5 is very good but since I weigh myself almost daily it takes out the fun so to speak because I weighed 256 last week then by the weigh in I was 258 so to be at 254.5 is still a loss but I don't know it just seems to be blah. That's ungratefulness at it's finest isn't it? Now had I gained then it would have been a major big deal, I'd feel all sorts of negative emotions towards myself and I'd start to feel guilty etc., therefore I will choose to be grateful for the loss of 3.5 pounds and perhaps I will try to control my daily weigh ins.

I went shopping with hubby last week and bought a size 18 goal pants, a beautiful pair of jeans that promise to slim my tummy while wearing them. I also bought a size 20 and they fit but tightly (I'll try them on again today). I tried on the size 18 in front of hubby, it wasn't a pretty sight but my point was to show him so that when they do fit (next month) he will see my progress, not that he hasn't but this is a downright obvious shift once it's attained.

Speaking of hubby, he's cheating on the diet a lot though he works physically hard everyday he must walk 3-5 miles a day for his job if not way more. So at night when he comes home (he works 2nd shift) he's hungry. I've started to give him 2 whole wheat toast w/apple sauce. I try to explain to the hungry bear that midnight is not supposed to mean a full meal, a snack is acceptable. It doesn't seem to be slowing down his weight loss (lucky b@stard) but still, he'd lose more and faster if it not for his need for a midnight snack. Any suggestions on how I can keep him satisfied without blowing his "diet".

We had a party on Saturday, a huge BBQ for our friends, I did well, I had a hamburger (white bun) and that was all. Come Sunday we had another BBQ but only for us and on that day I mowed part of the farm with a push mower, did a lot of walking etc and had 2 hamburgers, I was starving but I did not eat anything else after that. That was the first time I ate 2 of anything since being on the plan but I swear to you I was famished.

I want to thank you all for your support and feedback, what a great lot of friends I have, I'm truly blessed. I will be making the rounds today, reading, commenting and saying hello!

Thanks again!

"This blog is so much more then writing about my weight loss journey it has become an extension in helping me know who I am and who I can be."