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Friday, April 3, 2009

Week One Day 3 of The Sizzling Hot Summer Challenge

Current Weight: 266 (-2 lbs)

Hubby is off to work for the next 10 hours and I feel this sudden loneliness, I miss him and he just left. I love my husband, he's good, he's kind, he's loving, he's smart he has so many qualities that I can't for the life of me at this moment remember any of his faults. I don't feel like looking for them either.

It's 1:50pm CT at this moment and all I've eaten is breakfast, after this post I will once again have a bowl of my delicious chili, lucky for me, I don't mind eating the same thing over and over again.

I promise myself (please Sassle keep this promise) that I will do Leslie's 1 Mile video today. I am asking all fellow bloggers, do you know of an online site where I could find a good strength training regiment with samples. I only have dumbbells so I'm limited but I really want to do this, I know it'll help me sculpt my body which is what I need. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Here is my food for the day:

B: Sassle's delicious Quiche
L: Sassle's delicious Chili
D: Pasta w/Sassle's marinara

Snack: 1 clementine, 1 banana (if bananas are ripe)
Snack2: pudding w/tbsp whipped cream

1 mile WATP get up and get started

Plan for the day:
Start on work project that must be finished in 3 days, play fetch with dog, take dog for walk, work from 5 to 8, tidy up house, eat right, exercise and have some me time.

Wish me Luck!!!


Anonymous said...

congrats on your loss..great job..Keep it up..

Mama Bear June said...

Great job, Sassle!

For weight lifting, Prevention magazine usually has lots of great workouts in their magazine and some involve dumbbells. Prevention is a pretty cheap subscription and has TONS of great info.

Another great source is the Abs Diet for Women book. It has great barbell workouts in it. You might be able to find it at your library. My Flat Belly Diet book has some barbell weight-lifting, too.
Path to Health

Sandra said...

I found this website rather cool. It has demo's of quite a few exercises as well as some routines to try. From beginner to advanced.


Congrats on all the work you have done so far - keep up the good work!

Melisa said...

Someone on another blog posted about doing a workout with sparklepeople.com

I think you have to create a user so I haven't actually seen the sight but seemed like it give access to online workouts.

Heather T said...

I too don't mind eating the same thing day in and day out, but it has to be something REALLY good :) Not too sure about the strength training, I seriously just figured out what it was, and I'm glad I've got my stability now with some dumbells. :)

Annalisa201 said...

Hey, no worries about the 1 mile WATP - I started at 2 miles, and it took me months and months to settle into that one! I worked my way up to 4, and I still have a mental argument with myself each time I pick one to do... 2 mile? 4 mile? 2 mile? 4 mile? I DON'T Like the 4 mile cuz it's HARD! But I feel soooo good!

Anyway, as for strength training - I LOVE my routine - I can do 1 set in about 8 min, 2 in 15. I got it straight out of Abs Diet for Women (mentioned by Mama Bear June above) and all it takes is a set of dumbells. I'll outline it:
1. 12-15 Ab crunches (or variation)
2. 12-15 lower ab crunch (")
3. Side bend (holding dumbells on shoulders, arms crossed, facing forward, feet apart, bend to each side) 6-10 each side.
4. Bridge (hold plank position 10 sec, work up to 30 seconds)
5. Back Extension - I do Swan dives, or superman moves - lay on tummy, arms down at your sides - circle arms up in the air in front of you as your head and chest go up in the air, while reaching your legs long and away - you know you're doing it right because keep in mind you are working your lower back.

Do these five ONCE, twice a week.

1. Forward lunge with upright row - alternate legs 10-12 reps.
2. Push ups - 10-12 - I do them on my knees... one day...
3. Bent over row - hinge over at your waist, dumbbells in hands, arms dangling straight down, palms face eachother, pull them up towards your chest, bending elbows close to your body (not out) 10-12 reps.
4. Reverse lunge (stepping back) and bicep curl when standing up - lunge, stand up, curl repeat. 8-10 each leg
5. Military press - sitting down, elbows bent 90 degrees, elbows straight OUT from shoulders, hands up holding dumbbells up, lift dumbbells straight up above your head... I imagine myself holding a bar with two circle weights - the kind you see at a strong man competition. 10-12 reps
6. Triceps kickback - pick any triceps exercise - you can bend over, elbows in, tricep kickback, or another alternative is elbows straight back, dumbbells behind head, lift them overhead. 10-12 reps
7. Inner thigh lift - lay on your side, leg on top bent so your foot is flat on the floor, reach lower leg away from you and up. 10-12 reps
8. Leg curls 10-12 reps - these are simple. WATP hamstring kickbacks.

MAKE SURE YOU STRETCH after or you'll regret it! And I'm not a doctor, so please don't blame me for injury... talk to your doctor before you begin.

It takes only a couple weeks to memorize, and you can add another set (do it all once, then the second half once again). After 3-4 months you can do three reps... yeah right - I haven't stuck with the plan long enough yet to get there.

Good luck! You're in for a huge breakthrough!

Mama Bear June said...

And, since Annalisa explained the strength stuff so well fm the Abs Diet book, I will explain my variations on that routine. For the abs work, I do those on my stability ball. And I do them almost every day.
1. Crunch up with the ball under the small of your back.
2. Lift your pelvis while the ball is under the small of your back for the lower abs.
3. Side crunches draped sideways over the ball.
4. Back lifts, lying on top of the ball.
And stretching over the ball and holding it - feels SOOOOO good!

I don't do bridges or planks right now because of my wrist and the surgery I had on it.

There are a few of the other weight lifting moves I do with the ball, too.
Path to Health

Anonymous said...

Have a great day and my, I am admiring your friends right now. They are filled with insightful comments, how sweet!! <3 Congrats on the weight loss, you are doing fabulous!!

"This blog is so much more then writing about my weight loss journey it has become an extension in helping me know who I am and who I can be."