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Monday, March 30, 2009

Thinking of my menu!

Ok, so I have to start preparing my menu for the next 2 weeks since I joined the sizzling hot summer challenge which starts April 1 and ends May 27th. I am trying to do whatever it takes to motivate me to continue on this path of weight loss. I weighed myself this morning and I'm still 268, now I haven't cheated but my brain feels as though I have because I feel as though I'm cutting corners on my South Beach plan and that in the long run it can only hurt my results. Now keep in mind I'm suffering from minor PMS symptoms (thank you Optivite PMT) which means my perception of things and myself can be quite off.

After realizing that I am overwhelmed with my need for perfection and my disappointment at not being perfect I am going to give myself a break and do what needs to be done (did that make any sense?).

I am baking today and menu planning, in the future Sunday will be my baking day (please Lord oh please let me stay organized with this). I found this really great site I'm an Organizing Junkie that I'm hoping I'll have a chance to learn something from to help me get organized.

I fought organization for 3 years now, I use to be a very organized person, I needed it to feel good about myself but I realize now that I still need organization in my life and it's hard to get back into it! So hopefully this blog will give me some tips and hints on how to get more organized in my life.

This is what I'm making later tonight after I finish working...

Mini Turkey Patties
Mediterranean Grilled Vegetable Soup

Grilled Salmon
Spaghetti with my own homemade marinara sauce.

I'm looking for a few more things to add to this but it's a great beginning.

I'll let you know when I start!


Mama Bear June said...

Your menu sounds awesome! Hope you find the organization help you need. Keep making healthy choices.
Path to Health

Mrs. Sheila said...

I am so excited your joining in on the challenge!!

Annalisa201 said...

Hi Sassle. I'm on the Hot by Summer challenge too. Good luck.

I wanted to suggest flylady for your organization problems... I started flylady 3 months ago, and their help is amazing! It's a group on yahoo... www.flylady.net - my fav. advice from them is to use a timer... set a goal to clean a specific area - like "clean the kitchen floors" or "clear the top of the dresser in my bedroom", set the timer for 10 min. and go as fast as you can. You'd be surprised how much you can get done in 10 minutes! I was, and still am, every day!

Anyway, good luck! And good luck with ND weather too! I don't envy you, that's for sure!

Sassle said...

OMG! Annalisa! I bought a timer yesterday at the dollar store! Coincidence, I think not! I am checking out the flylady's page right now! Thanks for the support and the tips!


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