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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Promises and random thoughts

I don't know if I should be happy or not, I just started TOM and silly me had some of my delicious turkey chili for dinner, so I feel shall we say bloated (to say the least). I guess that explains (or so I hope) why I haven't lost since my weigh-in on the 26th. I am going to do myself a big favor, I will weigh myself only next Wednesday, not a day before or else I will end up playing mind games with myself because if the scale goes up just 1 pound (or more) I will feel all down and out and dislike myself and start having all these negative thoughts. So I will stay away from the scale until the morning of the 8th.

Which brings to mind the Sizzling Hot Summer Challenge, I just counted the number of weeks I will be on the challenge and it's 9 weeks which is fantastic and that means my goal of losing 20 pounds by then is doable! Do you realize how happy I will be to weigh 248 by May 27th, I may even lose more for all I know!

Which brings to mind another promise I'm making to myself, I'm going to start exercising in the morning. Hubby leaves for work tomorrow at 9:30, I will do my Leslie Sansone at 9:35am. Because I haven't been exercising in almost a week and that's bad (another reason I don't see a loss). When I wait to long I don't want to do it anymore, plus I started a new job where I work from home at night from 5:00CT to 8:00CT 5 days a week and if I'm behind I can catch up on weekends. Between preparing dinner, working out, getting my puppy all fed and walked, I just don't want to devote any time to myself. That's what it is, I don't take the exercise as something vital to my health, I think of it as a chore, as something I can avoid, I must change my mindset on that.

I have a non scale victory, the pants I've started wearing are all size 22, I was a 26 and there was only one pair of pants that fit me which I wore to my AA meetings, aside from that I was in sweats. Another non scale victory is when I go to sleep my 2 cats sleep on my side of the bed, they wrap themselves around me and if I should have to get up in the middle of the night, I'm one of those people who lets the cats stay in the bed while I get up, anyway I can easily bring my feet to my chest and slide out of the bed whereas before I had to hold my breath, wriggle around and sometimes I'd accidentally kick one of the kitties :( not anymore though!!

I'm feeling good, time to let the dog out, brush my teeth and get ready for bed, I have a long few days ahead of me but the good news is once this one project is out of my way come Sunday, I'll have so much more head space to think and deal with new stuff, but until then it's a monkey on my shoulder and a heavy one at that.

Thanks everyone for all your support!



Mama Bear June said...

Hi, Sassle!

Congrats on the NSV! I have to have sleep at night, so our kitties are locked up at night away from my bed! ;-) That's cool on the pants. Don't fret about a gain at TOM. Just drink extra water and try to avoid salty foods for a few days.

(My silly contacts don't always work well. I kept thinking of you as Sassie!)
Path to Health

Lyn said...

Hey there :)

Just came by to check on you. Congrats on the NSV! It's those little things that can keep driving you forward, even when you're feeling bloated. The good news is, once the bloat goes away, the scale will probably go down too.

Be well!

David Showers said...

Okay Lady, I set up your 25 pounds by summer contest on fitago.com.

Come and get it an show us how it's done!

Melisa said...

Congrats on the NSVs!! Those are always the best! :)

I have begun working out in the mornings and I really feel that on the days that I do it it just starts my day off so much better. I feel good and therefore consciously make better choices.

You can do it!

"This blog is so much more then writing about my weight loss journey it has become an extension in helping me know who I am and who I can be."