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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HYC Check in

Alright I'm down 2 pounds from yesterday so I'm 259 I'll take anything in the 250's. I'd like to say right up front my goal for the end of May is to be in the 230's anywhere from 230 to 239.9 and I'll be happy. Also in May I will be getting my tiny nosed pierced, that's something I've wanted for a long time and I think it would look good on me, though my mother would surely disagree.

I've come up with some conclusions concerning my gain, I believe it was water retention due to the salt in the cans, because I don't believe I could have possibly eaten 6 pounds worth of chili that would be 21000 calories in one day. Yesterday I peed and peed all day long, plus my fingers felt a bit swollen so I'm guessing that hubby was right and that the chili has too much salt. I may have to resort to doing it fresh but there will be no chili in the house for a month after this batch. I didn't eat chili at all yesterday, I had chicken salad and egg salad yesterday. I was tempted but I thought twice about it and decided not to. Today I started my period so that too explains the giant weight gain. Now I have logically explained to myself why the scale jumped up so I feel better. If I don't do that, I will think all sorts of negative thoughts about myself and I can't have that.

I worked out on the Healthrider and have been looking up information on it and found the booklet so that I can benefit the most from it. I'm really excited about this because it seems so doable. When I got on this morning I had no watch on so I figured I'd count 100 moves before I'd stop, as I progressed I was thinking hmm, this is easy, I don't know if this will work and as I'm thinking that I'm running out of breath and end up doing only 55 reps. I feel a bit silly the machine is out on our front porch and yes I do live in the country but cars drive by anyway and well I do have a neighbor across the road who might be able to see me. But hey who cares, they will see me lose weight is what they'll see. I then took my puppy girl and we walked around the house 2 times. I will take her out again later this afternoon and this evening, each of my puppy walks will proceed with an attempt at 100 plus moves on the Healthrider. Oh I found out mine does have room to add weights on it so that's great but I think for now my weight should do the trick.

I've got a sinus headache to the point that my teeth hurt, ugh but hey things could be worse.

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Lisa said...

Congrats on breaking the 260 mark! You will hit the 250 mark this month... I've got faith in you that you can do it. Way to go on getting out there and working out even though others might be watching you or seeing you do it. Like you said, they are only going to see you loose the weight you want too... Who knows, in a few months, maybe those passerbyers will stop by and congrat you on the progress you are doing... Keep up the great work. You are doing awesome.

Gabbi said...

Hi Sassle, I just found your blog. Thank you for writing it. I am a total food-aholic. Seriously, I am a binger, comfrot food eater, terrible. I am addicted. It took going to Al-anon because of my boyfriends drinking to see Holy Crap, I am an addict too. Super scary place for me. But, I am going to keep going to meetings and with God's help, put myself back together.


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