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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Chili Experiment

I went grocery shopping on Saturday and made the mistake of walking down the canned bean aisle. It's quite interesting that when I walked down that aisle the same thing that used to happen to me when I walked down the bakery aisle happened with the beans. Instantly as soon as I saw the can that read "chili beans" I had a craving. My craving was intense, my logic told me I could make a batch of it and eat it every day this week and not have to cook. It seemed like a win-win situation. I hesitated for a second because I had remembered staying at 265 the whole time I had chili not 2 weeks ago. But I reasoned with myself that the time before that I had lost weight therefore chili had no influence on my weight.

Now let's go back a bit, on Saturday morning I weighed in at 256, yes that's right a number I had not seen in 3 years. I was ecstatic so you can imagine my brain thinking but will the chili affect this number. The answer to that is yes. First allow me to admit to the world that my chili portions are off, I reason with myself that I can eat a bit more of chili (2 portions per portion) because it's fibrous and healthy for me (I'm a recovering alcoholic, I'm good at fooling myself). So when I weighed in this morning at the scale read 261 I wanted to cry. That's 6 pounds. Ok it's 3 pounds from the other weigh-in but it's in the plus and I still want to cry. Now I will start my period probably today which probably isn't helping the scale. Side note here hubby ended up making it for me this time because I had to go out and its so weird, the first words that came out of my mouth after I tasted his version was "it's salty" I never tasted salt before and hubby always told me to use fresh as opposed to canned because of the salt but time is of the essence is Sassle land. My feet and fingers feel a bit swollen today (the salt) so another reason that this batch of chili will be the last batch for a month at least.

So I'm going to do an experiment. I will put the remaining chili in the freezer and eat other food on the South Beach Diet plan. I bet that on my Wednesday Sizzling Hot Summer Challenge Weigh-in there will be a loss. I'm hoping to find the 256 or less but I'll take anything under what I am now.

I also found a good reason for weighing everyday, if I didn't weigh myself this morning I wouldn't have known about the gain and I wouldn't have tried a solution like not eating a gallon of chili a day, yes I am exaggerating but not by much (half a gallon?) but had I not weighed myself today I wouldn't have known and not hated myself but I would have continued eating the chili and probably weigh more. Who knows really, I must remember I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. I should just go with the flow, what I'm doing is working for me, I'm aware, I'm making a change, all is good and I love myself. A little positive self talk never hurt anyone.

Today I start to exercise again, yes I said it. I Sassle will exercise and get myself into high gear for the summer so I can feel so much more confident with toner arms, flatter stomach and a nicer bum. I'm committed to this change in my life and exercise is an important ingredient. I bought an exercise machine thingy that's good for the butt at a garage sale on Friday, it cost $1 and I couldn't fit it in the car so I'm hoping they didn't throw it out, I will be pissed since I've asked hubby since Saturday to come with me to pick it up, there have been many reasons and excuses I've had enough already, we must go today to pick it up.

I've got a busy day but it's not too crazy so I won't complain. I plan on taking a picture of my exercise machine thingy once we pick it up and show you guys.

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VRaz60 said...

Funny how cravings pop up at the funniest times, isn't it? Mine are almost always prompted by a visit to the inner aisles of the grocery store, too. I just wandered over here from Annette's blog, and I'm glad I did. Sounds as tho' we might be sharing some of the same issues. Glad to have found you.

Melisa said...

LOL ~ perhaps your name should be Chili lady?!

I also weigh daily and find that it definitely keeps me in check. You can't fool yourself into thinking you are doing "just fine" and then be surprised the weight is up if you are weighing daily. (which is why I brought my scale with me on my current business trip - odd though it may be)

Best of luck with your new machine. Let us know how you like it.

"This blog is so much more then writing about my weight loss journey it has become an extension in helping me know who I am and who I can be."