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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The 3 Things I know for sure that have worked for me

I have been having a hard time.  I have been thinking a lot of weight loss, which route I want to take, overeaters anonymous etc.  But that's all I've been doing.  Thinking.  Which is bad for me since I suffer from a thinking disease (AA'ers and OA'ers know what I mean).

I found an old spread sheet that I found online almost 10 years ago, it's a Weight Watchers spreadsheet by this guy called Ray Ruediger and here is a copy of the spreadsheet.  It's the old fashioned Weight Watchers point system saved onto excel.  It's pretty awesome, back in 2003 I lost a ton of weight using this spreadsheet.  Every day I wrote what I ate and counted my points and just lost weight, that along with Leslie Sansone's Walk away the pounds I actually lost 93 lbs.!  Pretty awesome huh?

So I know 3 things for sure:

  1. The South Beach Diet works for me.
  2. Weight Watchers works for me.
  3. Leslie Sansone's Walking Away the pounds works for me.
Now with the above knowledge and going to Overeaters Anonymous, I think I can and will manage the weight loss in a healthy manner.

Right now I am allowing myself 34 points a day (based on my weight) and I have decided to bring back Leslie Sansone into my life.  She had helped me shrink my waist to a ridiculously small size way back so I figured I'd give it another go.

I slept funny last night and woke up in pain, right shoulder blade, neck and shoulder are killing me, but I decided to try this mini-walk from Leslie 

Do you see how brilliant this woman is? It's only 3 minutes, I can do 3 minutes (you can do 3 minutes) and I did and all it did was make me want to do more! Um, I haven't yet, I just did the three minutes and felt the need to share the news with you guys.  But seriously, isn't this brilliant?  So I think after I iron my clothes for the week (in the next 30 mins) I will attempt her one mile and see how great I feel after that one.  What my whole point is the woman had me with three minutes, she knew I could do it and would probably want to do more and if I can't do more right away I will do her three minutes a few times a day, though I'm not sure how many calories I'll burn in such a short period of time but any exercise is better than none.

I feel good, feel positive and feeling hopeful.

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