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Monday, January 17, 2011

South Beach! I knew you would NOT let me down...

Let's see where to start...


Yesterday hubby and I went to buy more food since we were running out of our staple South Beach foods and I wanted to try some new things too.  I bought some turkey burger, turkey sausages, chicken breasts and natural peanut butter and more...

We had breakfast and a snack but had yet to eat lunch, so we went grocery shopping on an empty stomach, but since I'm determined to lose weight, eat healthy and follow the South Beach Diet Plan I was not too worried, I knew I wouldn't cheat (sometimes you just know).  By the time we got home we were famished, I had laundry to finish, work to do and cooking, for some reason I did not ask hubby to make dinner even though I was over extending myself.  I'm sure had I asked he would have but I had clear ideas as to what I wanted to eat for dinner.

I made all 5 turkey sausages figuring that we'd each have 2 and one would be enough to break off tomorrow in our omelets for breaky.  I made a cauliflower/mashed potatoes dish but I added some low fat cheese to flavor it up even more (it was delicious).  So I sat down with 2 sausages and lots of cauliflower/mashed potatoes.  I couldn't eat the second sausage, I was full.  I had to stop and listen to my body and thought yes I could eat this but I won't.  For a split second the food hoarder in me panicked, it was like I had to eat it, this was my last chance.  But I tossed that voice aside and went about my business of feeling proud of myself for recognizing that I feel full.

Weight Loss Victory

I decided the other day to weigh myself (yeah I know) but I did so with all my clothes, socks and shoes on and the scale showed a loss of 5 pounds.  I was happy with that, I knew I was losing some weight.  Then today I went back on the scale, I've been following the program since last Tuesday, this is technically 7 days on plan so I went about weighing myself again fully clothed.  It showed 5 pounds loss.  I thought well that's ok I guess, then I figured screw it, I undressed myself down to my skivies and weighed in at an 11lb loss.

So yay for me...

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