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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HYC Check In ~ What a Suprise!

OMG! I just lost 5 pounds overnight?! At first I thought I had gained 5 pounds since I had not seen the scale line read 260 in years and yesterday I was 265, I've been 265 save one day for the last 2 weeks. I did reach 264 on Tuesday of last week but the next day I was back to 265. I was actually reading on plateaus and then realized I had no business studying the subject because I haven't been exercising and been eating a ton of chili.

So even though I've stayed on plan minus the exercise for the last 2 weeks, yesterday I decided to take my plan a bit more serious and I ate lots of protein, a little rice, lots of fruit (dang I have no more fruit left today, I'm actually panicking). So when I got on the scale today I was hoping for a 1 pound loss but instead it showed 5 pounds. I swear to you all, I weighed myself 6 or 7 times because I couldn't figure out what the number was that I saw it has been that long!

260 pounds, well kudos to me!


KK @ Running Through Life said...

big kudos to you!!!!

Mama Bear June said...

That is soooooo awesome! Congrats!
Path to Health

The World's Dresser said...

Dude...that.is.awesome! Congrats!!!!!

Lucrecia said...

That is awesome! I guess the stress of your family leaving and getting back into the routine did wonders!

Anonymous said...

WTG..that's 20 sticks of butter that melted right off of you!!

Melisa said...

Wow, what a wonderful surprise! I would love to "pull a big number" but if I'm honest with myself I know that 2 is a big number for the effort I've put in.


Annalisa201 said...

YAY! Congratulations :) Here's to another week of numbers like that!!!

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