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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just a typical day in Sassle Land

Well life has been a bit busy with us helping our friend back into recovery.

Did I exercise? Well sorta :D

I started going out with the dog as opposed to letting her out, we live on a farm so she can do her business and come back without anybody needing to go out with her but we watch her because we're still near a country road and you never know. Anyway, I now go out with her and walk around our house. It's muddy, wet and full of ice and snow but what the heck, I have boots. I started doing that and when I cook, I squeeze my but one hundred times, I do backwards leg lifts and lift soup cans in each arm. This is being done at each meal preparation. It's small but its something.

Hubby looked at me today and said that he thinks my butt is getting smaller. Is that even possible? Who cares, he thinks so. I am feeling so much more confident lately. A little more sexy which is very good considering my size and weight.

Oh, I cheated I weighed myself today and I lost another pound! I am thrilled with this plan! It's never ever been this easy to lose weight. I am not hungry 95% of the time. Hubby is hungry 75% of the time. Go figure, I truly believe it's because he has a better metabolism then I do. He's not losing weight, but he's putting sugar and milk in his coffee, he snacks more then recommended and he's included "baby bagels" in his diet on occasion. He weighed himself this morning and he's still 250 pounds. I figured goody, I'll catch up to him soon this way LOL. But we've talked and he started with a black coffee today and he said he'll try to follow it to the tee, he'd like to weigh 240 by the end of the month. I would like to weigh at least 265 by then.

Tonight is our meeting night and one of hubby's sponsee's is coming over so I have to make sure my home is presentable, I'll be back later!

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Lyn said...

You're doing great! Little choices and actions add up to big results. Nice that hubby noticed!

Keep it up :)

"This blog is so much more then writing about my weight loss journey it has become an extension in helping me know who I am and who I can be."