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Thursday, March 26, 2009

10% gone bye bye for good!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketNow I know I shouldn't have but I did! I weighed myself this morning expecting to see 271 and I didn't. It read 268, I was so surprised I weighed myself 3 times! So that's an additional 3lbs lost!!! I attribute this to both the South Beach Diet and Leslie Sansone's one mile workout. I feel good about this because I have't weighed 269 or less in forever actually in a few years. Since June of 06 actually.

Do you know what's really scary, I used to do Weight Watchers and it really worked well for me, I enjoyed it, I could eat anything but it did nothing for my cravings, I still had them, plus at some point I hit a serious plateau and well I gave up. So I used to have this excel sheet that I got off the internet where I could count my points for the day and I had entered all my data etc... so I have all my stats back home but I did find some in my email because I used to email myself at work my menu, anyway I saw this on one of the excel sheets.

12/31/05 230.5 lbs
3/13/06 251.0 lbs.
5/28/06 260.0 lbs.
9/12/06 285 lbs.
9/19/06 270 lbs.
9/26/06 268 lbs.
10/3/06 264.5 lbs.

So I've been struggling with my weight demons for quite awhile, I didn't realize this had been going on that long!

Now, I remember in 2005 feeling overwhelmed by my life, hating it almost because I was in a relationship with somebody I no longer loved. I hated my job, my boss and my significant other at the time was doing drugs. I wanted out and fast! I believe my eating "disorder" stems from my emotions. I couldn't drink, I'm an alcoholic and drinking is something I don't want in my life again, ever, I was a huge drunk, the drunks near me thought I was fucked up and too much of a drunk for them so eating was my option and from the results above eating I did.

Now from the results I see above, I was definitely an extreme binge eater, I've never been a binge eater before that in my life, however, I can recall as a child after school going to my grandmothers and making myself 4 toast as a snack with caramel, or bananas or whatever. I also recall when I was about 12 years old eating 6 hot dogs and a friend of the families was so "impressed" how can this skinny little thing eat 6 hot dogs?! So I've always had shall we say a "healthy" appetite. But binging never occurred to me until 2003-2004 when I finished doing Weight Watchers, suddenly food was the do all and end all of everything! My first binge food was mini ice cream sandwhiches, I ate a box of 12 in one sitting, I haven't looked back since.

The above statement is inaccurate, I have stopped binging once I started the South Beach Diet. I sometimes feel a bit like a wild dog trying to hold onto her bone like the day hubby ate my pudding, but I'm trying to change and at least the cravings aren't like they were before. I would say I'm almost 100% craving free except I've had a passion for sweets my whole life, I doubt this is something that can be changed overnight just like losing weight.

Wow, I don't know how I ended up posting all this, I guess it's the milestone of weighing in the 260's it had been so long since I had seen that number (2.5 years to be exact) that it brought back memories.

Now, I just got my hot water back, our water heater's elements died on us and there was a miscommunication with the manufacturer but everything is fine now. I'm embarrassed to say it's been 3 days since I've showered :blush: washing with a face cloth just doesn't feel the same, I feel like Pig Pen , so I'm going to work out, shower and get ready for my AA meeting.

Thanks for stopping by!

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spunkysuzi said...

Wow you are doing soooo good :)

carla said...

it is GREAT that you posted all this as its a mile stone and, if youre me, if you ever get to a place where you are frustratedstruggling rereading this post will be the boost you need.


new*me said...

you are doing great! Each new weight decade is so exciting!

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