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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The South Beach Diet ~ Day 1

OK, so I lied but I started. Uh, what?

I tried starting the plan on Sunday but with the kids here and all, I just couldn't do it. I didn't want to eat steak while they ate pot pies, I didn't want to create all this expensive foods and say "no you can't have any" so I didn't start until now.

So here's the scoop...

I wish I had my camera but hubby has it somewhere since he just got back from a trip.

I made 2 eggs, spinach and onions and a slice of mozzarella cheese. It looked weird, really weird, but it tasted really good!

Now, if I were smart (I am! really?!) I would have prepared better yesterday but I didn't. I waited for the stepdaughter to leave (with boyfriend and kids in tow) and cleaned up so hubby would come home to a nice smelling clean home.

I woke up after only 3 hours sleep, took care of the dog spent time with her, took care of the cats, returned some business emails and next thing I know it's 11:00am and I've not eaten for the day. Now, my first reaction is, I'll start tomorrow, but how many more tomorrow's do I have?

So I started today, now, and my breakfast was good and nutritious. I have tons of veggies that need washing (I have no sink... long story, I will get to that another time). So I have to take all my veggies downstairs and use the sink there (no big deal really).

So today, I will wash my veggies, chop them up, prepare them for the rest of the week. Hubby said he will follow the program with me (he's got maybe 30 pounds to lose in my opinion but he wants to lose 50, I don't like skinny men) he wants to lose weight and eat healthier so that's good for me and for him.

As a snack so far I've had (it's now 2:44pm) a Weight Watchers String Cheese and half a slice of Cheddar cheese (it was sooo good).

Now I'm looking up recipes for the steak and later dinner.

I'm having trouble giving up the pop but today is day 1 so I'll cut myself some slack.

I'm going to continue reading the book and understand more of what's being said to me, I love this plan, I feel so good about it and I've only been on it 14 hours LOL!

I'll post some more later as to progress and what recipe I chose for our lunch/dinner steak.

I do realize I'll have to be better about my eating hours, so again, I'll take it one step at a time.

See You Later!


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