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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

South Beach Diet ~ Day 1 part 2

I'm almost done with day 1, it's 7:10pm CT and I look back at my choices of food for the day. All in all I would give myself a pat on the back for a successful day. I could have done better but that's my fault, I need to be more prepared which I was not. I will be better prepared tomorrow. Tonight before I go to bed I will have a list of what I will eat tomorrow. I will post it here so I can be accountable. Hubby is very supportive, of course this is day 1 and I guess he's so anxious for me to drop the weight that he'll do anything to appease me especially in something that involves weight loss.

Dinner was a steak (I didn't eat it all) I cut the fat off after (I know should have done it before) I had some spinach (love the stuff) onions (mmmmm) and a slice of cheese on my meat (I know weird but that's me). But here's where I screwed up, I had mashed potatoes. Why? Because hubby was in a hurry and I didn't want to make some veggies (see the importance of planning both food and times). But I feel good about my choices and I've had no sugar. Tomorrow will probably be the official day 1 but I'll keep today and stay proud of my accomplishments.

What would I change?

More Preparation
Incorporate some exercise into my day
Make jell-o so I could have a dessert

I'm hungry and it's been 3 hours since dinner (it's now 8:05pm).

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