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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Love

I Love!

I Love that it's Sunday and there's a slight breeze outside
I Love my Mother
I Love my Husband
I Love my Stepchildren
I Love my Grandchildren
I Love my Brother
I Love my nephew
I Love all my family and friends
I Love being able to fit inside Hubby's shorts
I Love the color of my eyes
I Love that I look like my mother
I Love my real name which is Robyn
I Love my puppy
I Love my 2 cats
I Love my 2 horses
I Love that my puppy thinks Hubby and I are the best thing in the world next to a fresh bone
I Love that my kitties think I rock especially when I feed them some wet food
I Love Alcoholics Anonymous
I Love my sponsor and all she has taught me
I Love that I have a blog where I can share my thoughts and feelings
I Love the colors of the sky here in Wisconsin
I Love that Hubby & I are house hunting
I Love that I am a capable independent woman
I Love that I'm growing as a human being
I Love my son-in-law
I Love our soldiers who are fighting to keep us safe
I Love all of God's creatures
I Love that I'm shrinking size wise
I Love my body and all it can do
I Love manicures and pedicures
I Love the sound of a child's laughter
I Love that I have followers to my blog
I Love getting my bi-weekly paycheque
I Love the faith I have in myself
I Love God
I Love Faith in God
I Love the sound my little kitten makes when she's looking for me
I Love the fact that my eldest cat is a demanding kitty and feels he deserves respect
I Love that my puppy is a true farm dog who will hunt anything and everything in her path
I Love the sound of a stream
I Love the idea of fishing
I Love the South Beach Diet
I Love a cold bottle of water
I Love a cold bottle of diet cola
I Love Leslie Sansone and her walk program
I Love knowing how to feel better and better
I Love how easy it is to love when I choose to focus there on purpose
I Love feeling good about myself
I Love feeling eager for this day
I Love feeling eager
I Love laughing and having fun
I Love playing
I Love feeling childlike and anticipating good
I Love feeling joyful
I Love being touched to the heart
I Love feeling good because I choose to focus on what feels good
I Love feeling empowered by my decision to focus
I Love walks with my MP3 player
I Love choosing time for myself to read and relax
I Love my home
I Love the sound of the trees with the breezy wind blowing through them
I Love meeting like-minded people
I Love getting puppy kisses
I Love seeing my kitties play
I Love feeling ALIVE!
I Love being ALIVE!
I Love having the best tool for the job
I Love being on top of my game
I Love the way our pets Love my husband
I Love the way my husband treats our pets
I Love feeling like a million bucks
I Love feeling rich and filled with well being
I Love knowing the resources of this beautiful Universe are here for me to enjoy
I Love amplifying beauty
I Love amplifying wisdom and joy
I Love grapes
I Love strawberries
I Love bananas
I Love garlic
I Love onions
I Love the relationship I have with my stepchildren
I Love Life
I Love showing my grandchildren something for the first time
I Love treating others with extraordinary respect and unconditional love
I Love being treated with extraordinary respect and unconditional love
I Love getting a great return on my investments
I Love my grandson's laughter
I Love my granddaughter's beauty and determination
I Love that both grandchildren have huge hearts filled with love
I Love that my stepdaughter teaches her children about love and respect
I Love my stepson's sense of fun and adventure
I Love a warm, affectionate touch
I Love hugs
I Love great massages
I Love giving my husband massages
I Love swimming in the pool
I Love reading a good book on our reading couch with no interruptions
I Love talking with my friends
I Love living a free life
I Love watching my horses play
I Love watching my pony try to get his groove on with the Quarter horse mare
I Love being spontaneous
I Love paying more attention to how I feel than what other people want from me
I Love focusing on my joy
I Love finding something to appreciate in this now moment
I Love seeing just how much there is to appreciate
I Love finding old friends on Facebook
I Love knowing I'm stronger then I have ever been
I Love focusing on what is already working in my life
I Love the saying Live and Let Live
I Love the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
I Love how long this list is
I Love smiling
I Love that my husband thinks I'm wonderful
I Love pretty things
I Love pink
I Love green
I Love feeling relaxed and trusting
I Love lasagna
I Love cooking food on the grill
I Love corn on the cob
I Love cheeseburgers
I Love hotdogs
I Love eating healthy
I Love that I don't expect anyone to read this whole list
I Love knowing I was born to be free
I Love knowing that I am light and light I shall remain
I Love appreciating my body
I Love my Husband's laughter
I Love the way my husband invents words
I Love the way my husband touches me
I Love listening to music that opens my heart
I Love finding new music that celebrates life and how I feel
I Love being in love with my husband
I Love living in love
I Love laughing so hard no sound comes out
I Love laughing at myself for taking life so very seriously sometimes
I Love seeing that I am really quite beautiful
I Love the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
I Love feeling my body relax
I Love feeling my core muscles get stronger and stronger
I Love feeling strong and fit and flexible
I Love feeling my imagination blossoming
I Love having inspired thoughts
I Love feeling my heart sing
I Love recognizing that this could go on forever
I Love recognizing that love continues to expand
I Love knowing that what I focus on expands
I Love being open to more love
I Love being more loving
I Love remembering that my Inner Being is always guiding me
I Love following that guidance
I Love remembering that I just have to choose to focus
I Love loving to focus on joy, freedom, prosperity, peace, wonder
I Love being happy
I Love celebrating my freedom
I Love that joy is contagious
I Love hearing a positive, uplifting story
I Love all types of success stories
I Love losing over 50 pounds
I Love feeling more attractive then I ever have
I Love celebrating just how good life can be
I Love making peace with anything that bothers me
I Love knowing that the prime of my life is always NOW!
I Love that this is to be continued...


TJ said...

I loved this post- and I read the whole thing. lol :)

Sharon said...

Wow! What a great list! And I did read the whole thing too. LOL

Hanlie said...

I love this post and this attitude!

My 3 Month Challenge said...

I love your list! (I read most of it mahah) It's awesome!!

Annalisa201 said...

LOL... I have to admit, I didn't read it all, wish I had the time. It reminds me of my new "Gratitude Journal" I started about a month ago. Last night it kept going and going, just like this post. Isn't it great how lucky we are!?!

Annalisa201 said...

Hope everything is going well Sassle :) Just missing you!

Shop with Me Mama said...

I love posts like this! It is the simple things that matter! :) Great blog too!

"This blog is so much more then writing about my weight loss journey it has become an extension in helping me know who I am and who I can be."