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Monday, April 6, 2009

Prevention Rocks!

Mama Bear June had mentioned that Prevention Magazine had great strength training exercises but nothing prepared me for what their website had to offer! Wow, it's a gold mine!! I've been watching some of their videos and can't wait to start working those moves!

They have so much on their site and so far it's all FREE, I love FREE, it's fun and economical LOL. I found some great strength training video clips, how to shrink my belly (I need this one), yoga, get better sleep, shrink and firm thighs, information on peri-menopause, walking and so much more! I don't know where to start LOL.

What I do plan on doing is preparing what it is I want to work on this week, save the exercises on my Favorites so I can do them in the proper order. I need to do the workout in my office though since that's where the computer is.

I will create a schedule for the week and post it here!

My company is on it's way!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Current Weight: 266 (-2 lbs) no change!

Here is my food for the day:

B: Shredded wheat w/ .5 cup of milk
L: egg salad w/ham 1 oz mozzarella cheese and whole wheat bread
D: whole wheat organic rice w/ground turkey and fat free sugar free BBQ sauce

Snack: 1 clementine, 1 banana (if bananas are ripe)
Snack2: pudding w/tbsp whipped cream

nothing for today (yes again, how bad do I want this) but I'm preparing the schedule today and plan on doing some serious working out while my stepdaughter and grandchildren are over. I will post my schedule sometime today!

Plan for the day:
Finish this project (no it's still not finished, I'm a huge procrastinator what is wrong with me!!) enjoy my family, get my other work done, clean home, create exercise schedule for the week and at the very least prepare it for tomorrow so that nothing stops me from doing what I'm supposed to do for my health!



Mrs. Sheila said...

Taking time to prepare is important, don't feel guilty. Thinking things through, and really getting geared up to do what you set out to do, is very credible! Way to go on the hard part ~ the planning.

Anonymous said...

You can do it Sassle You can do it!!

Mama Bear June said...

So glad you found the website helpful! I know their magazine is chock full of good stuff. And yes, FREE is definitely good! :-D And looking at your photo, it just doesn't seem right that you have grandchildren! ;-)
Path to Health

My 3 Month Challenge said...

Sassle & Mama Bear,
Thanks for sharing!!! Gonna bookmark the links you posted, definitely gonna be helpful for workout @ home days in the future!

Lisa said...

I love prevention magazine. Lots of good information. Not just for my getting fit and weight loss Journey I have been on, but also for my husband's diabetes. What I also like about Prevention, is that I can also order things free (last month and again this month) two free fitness DVDs. All I had to pay was $5.95 s/h. Not a bad deal considering if I were to go to Walmart and buy two DVDs it would cost me close to $30.00.. :) This time I subscribed to the magazine when I ordered the second set of DVDs... 12 issues for just $1.00 each...

Not sure I have check out the site though... will have to go do that too.


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