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Friday, October 24, 2008

Some Positive Changes

I write because I cannot sleep, I am one of those people that when I'm tired I must go to sleep right away, no lallygagging, no talking, nothing, I must get to sleep if not my brain starts working, the Ego starts talking and all hell breaks loose. I'm not only awake but I'm either suffering a panic attack about my health or I'm thinking about work, hubby, the cats, the horses (do you think they're cold) it's just not good.

I was rather pleased to see some people read the Exsay post and leave behind a comment or two, I didn't know what to expect, I thought perhaps I put people off, maybe I did but some agree it's an important topic, we as obese or formally obese women have different issues then the average weight woman (not skinny, average weight).

Now on to the reason I started writing this post, I have lost 0 pounds as of today, I have not gained which is rather good and the positive changes I have started to make which I'm sure will show up on the scale in due time are minor but positive. I stopped eating anything with sugar after 6:00pm, that change alone has helped me immensely with the anxiety/panic attacks.

Sugar seems to inspire me to not only climb the walls but fuels the Ego into thinking all sorts of things concerning my health. When I eat high doses of sugar which can consist of ice cream sundae with the works I swear to you I can almost feel it surge through my blood. I don't like that feeling, it reminds me of when I had my gallbladder surgery years ago and they gave me morphine for the pain, I felt it go through my blood and that's how sugar is starting to feel for me.

I cut my nighttime snacking into half, which means after dinner I don't snack half the time and when I do, it might be a bowl of Cheerios or a P/B & J sandwich which again is so much better then what I used to do. Hubby and I used to make pancakes or french toast with tons of butter and syrup.

Which reminds me there is no more butter in my home, after my mother-in-law had a heart attack and she confessed that she ate tons of butter on everything we decided to cut it right out, we now use Promise® Buttery Spread now it doesn't taste the same as butter but the damage butter does is no longer worth it for me. Sometimes I don't use any spread, hubby has been known to put mayo/salad dressing on bread instead of butter but I don't know how good that is.

So, even though I'm not on a diet right now (such a dirty word diet is) I'm feeling good, I'm feeling as though I'm headed in the right direction. If I could just stop my occasional panic attacks about my health I think all will be well in the end. I'm feeling closer to actually wanting it for myself, not for hubby but for me. The New Year promises lots of travel for me, visiting my parents for a month and having my in-laws here for a month so I want to feel good and confident when these two visits occur.

That's it for now, thanks for stopping by!

Sassle Smarticus!


MizFit said...

it amazed me when I did the same thing with nighttime snacking what a HUGE DIFFERENCE IT MADE and *quickly*

even though calories at night arent supposed to be 'bad' for us if they are in alignment with the rest of our consumption CHANGING THAT for me really changed my weight.


Amanda Burke said...

It seems like your doing good with your diet (it is a bad word...lol). I should probably cut off the sugars after 6pm, but my schedule is so hectic and crazy that sometimes I don't eat dinner until 8 or 9 sometimes. I'm a pretty healthy eater and tend to stick with a low-carb diet, but being busy and not having enough time is my enemy right now. Sometimes I don't have a chance to squeeze in a short snack and working out during the week is impossible. Probably the only time for me to work out is during the weekends, but that's only 2 times a week. I guess it's better than nothing though.

Anyway, when I finally made the decision to eat healthier and exercise more, I also began taking these herbal supplements called Appuloss Diet. I'm usually skeptical about these sort of things, but I decided to try them out. They help in fat oxidation, stimulates thermogenesis, and influences body weight and composition.

I actually work for the company that makes these herbal supplements, Stacker 2, and I hope you don't mind that I came by and told you about them.

If you have any quetions, feel free to email me.

Btw, if you want to know more about Appuloss Diet, check out their website: http://www.stacker2.com

Amanda Burke
Stacker 2 Ambassador

Sassle said...

Concerning Amanda's post promoting Appuloss. I hemmed and hawed as to whether I should publish this comment, I can appreciate free advertising but I'm against all diet pills. The reason I did publish this comment is because I know the readers of this blog have a good head on their shoulders and the good sense to decide if they are interested in or not in the product that Amanda is selling.

I may change my mind and remove it in the future, but for now it stays put.


new*me said...

I stop eating by 6pm most nights and it really helps. Cutting out the sugar can do a world of good as well. GREAT changes!!!!

John Davneport said...


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