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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Who am I?

For those of you wondering, my husband calls me Sassle, it's his nickname for me because of my sometime challenging personality so that's where the title of the blog comes from. My purpose for this blog is simple it's about my day to day life, my thoughts and my experience with the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and following The South Beach Diet.

I'm a 43 year old married woman, I love animals, the sound of a child's laughter, tortilla chips with salsa & cheese and I love white cake with vanilla frosting. I'm a sugar addict, a recovering alcoholic with 9 years of sobriety, I don't smoke, I love long walks with my mp3 player and I live on a beautiful 6 acre farm (rent not own). I love my husband, I have 2 very spoiled cats, one horse (a mare) and one miniature pony. I am mother to two adult step-children and grandmother to two.

I have some weight to lose so you will definitely hear about my successes, trials and tribulations, my calorie intake and food choices. I have every intention of bringing God into this blog because he is everywhere I am so its fitting to have him here and I will discuss him on these pages, if you don't believe that's OK just please keep it to yourself, if you do believe and have some interesting theories and beliefs please share.

My pet peeves are dirty hands (my own or yours), wet hands (again mine or yours), sticky hands(surely you see the pattern here), people who don't finish conversations, loud noises, white noise, hair in my face and injustice.

Personal Disclaimer: If poor grammar drives you nuts then I apologize in advance because I will drive you nuts. If you like stories that have an even flow, well then I must warn you, you won't get that here, I suffer from "short attention span theater" and my writing suffers because of it.

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David Showers said...

What a beautiful blog! I've been watching the design grow over the past few weeks. Great Job!

"This blog is so much more then writing about my weight loss journey it has become an extension in helping me know who I am and who I can be."