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Monday, September 5, 2011

Learning Balance on the South Beach Diet

I started my new job last Wednesday, so far so good, I love it, I'm down 17.5 lbs in less than a month.  Today I went shopping with my Mom, I was in need of nice clothes for work that fit.  I had a bunch of summer tops but they don't really give you that professional feeling plus they weren't flattering on me.

So I bought a nice fall coat, a blazer and about 6 or 7 blouses.  Everytime I tried pants on they were too long, I didn't realize how short I am until today.  I need to shop in the Petites section for women 5'4" or smaller (I'm not quite 5'4").

Aside from that all is going well, I'm sticking to the plan, trying to go out every day at every chance I can get.  I need to up my exercise quota but I also need to learn some balance.  How do I balance work, cooking 3 square meals a day, exercise, pets and finding me time.  I know its doable, women do it all the time, I just have to learn how.

I made a delicious dinner tonight, I made South Beach Friendly Tacos and they were a hit!  I've started looking up recipes because even though I can eat the same thing over and over again without complaining too much, I'm not the only one eating this way.  Also I'm trying to find quick South Beach Diet Phase 2 ideas (thank goodness for Katlyn's website).

I have a family dinner to go to today, not really looking forward to it, simply because it means I have to eat something that I don't know if its SBD friendly or not.  We're going to my stepsisters house, so I will need to watch my portions, remember no dessert, try to get out of there at a decent hour and chill a bit before bedtime.

I've already made breakfast for the week, I had ran out of skim milk mozzarella cheese so I put low-fat feta cheese, I think it'll taste great.  I even managed to iron all my clothes and now all I need to do is cut up some lettuce (with the lettuce knife) and other salad treats for lunch and dinner for the week, I think if I have everything prepared ahead of time it should leave me with more time for myself.

I have to go, thanks for stopping by!

Have a glorious Labor Day!


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